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Gentler Names to Inhumane Israeli Practices

Translating Israel and media language

By Sam

  • The occupied territories are the "disputed" territories;
  • Colonies are "settlements" or even "communities" ;
  • Occupied southern Lebanon is Israel's "security zone";
  • Expanding settlements is "unhelpful" (Clinton/Albright) instead of illegal;
  • Expanding settlements (25-50% of which are empty according to the Associated Press and NY Times) is "necessary natural growth";
  • A settlement established in occupied East Jerusalem is a "neighborhood"
  • Expulsion of Palestinians is "transfer";
  • Conquest of Jerusalem in 1967 is "liberation";
  • Torture of Palestinian prisoners is "moderate physical & psychological pressure";
  • Al-Khalil is "Hebron, Jabal Abou Ghoneim is "Har Homa", The West Bank is "Judea and Samaria," Gaza is "Yesha";
  • Rubber-coated steel bullets are just "Rubbet Bullets";
  • A 12-year old Palestinian rock thrower is a "terrorist";
  • An Israeli terrorist is an "extremist" or a "mentally unstable";
  • Palestinians' rightful resistance to occupation is "terrorism";
  • Confiscating Palestinian land in Jerusalem for Jewish use is "uniting Jerusalem";
  • Confiscating/purchasing Palestinian land is "redeeming" it;
  • Land reserved for the sole use of Jews is "state land";
  • Returning occupied land to the Palestinians is "giving up" land;
  • Racism and racial exclusivity is a "demographic problem";
  • Locking up Palestinians without charges or due trial is "administrative detention"
  • Locking up and suffocating the Palestinians in the W. Bank is "closure";
  • Ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in Jerusalem is "meeting a quota";
  • A Lebanese civilian site raided by Israel is a " (suspected) guerilla/terrorist site";
  • Israeli raids are always "retaliations";
  • Establishment of an Israeli-puppet regime in Lebanon is "normalization"
  • Israeli prisoners of war are "hostages" (e.g. Ron Arad);
  • Invading and destroying Lebanon in 1982 is "Peace for Galilee".

All or most of this terminology, which sometimes appears in headlines, has been adopted by U.S. media hence perpetuating public ignorance of Israel's real actions.

"When a Jew, in America or in South Africa, talks to his Jewish companions about 'our' government, he means the government of Israel."

- David Ben-Gurion, Israeli Prime Minister

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